Pioneer (729) Enlisted Personnel

Operates as member of crew of specially trained troops in constructing and repairing roads and bridges, removing natural and man-made obstacles to facilitate movement of friendly forces, executing demolitions, and creating man-made obstacles to prevent or slow advance of enemy forces.
In advances against enemy, precedes friendly forces and clears passage ways. Makes temporary repairs to roads which may have been destroyed, such as filling in bomb crater holes. Makes repairs to demolished bridges or erects temporary bridges. Sets up, braces, and rigs lighter vehicles which cannot ford a stream and pulleys them across, using logs, heavy rope, and wire. Disables and removes antitank land mines, road blocks, and wire entanglements laid by enemy forces. In retreat from enemy, remains behind to impede enemy advance. Employs dynamite to blow up bridges, roads, and buildings. Lays antitank land mines and other dynamite traps to disable enemy vehicles. Creates obstacles, such as erecting road blocks with logs or wire. May operate outboard motors.
Equipment includes air compressors; demolition sets, consisting of supplies of dynamite, primer cord, time fuzes, and electric and nonelectric firing caps; pioneer sets, consisting of hammer, saw, ax, machetes, grappling hooks, 36-inch wrecking bars, and 5-foot crow bars; heavy rope and wire.
At supervisory level is responsible for coordination and control of group men engaged in pioneer or demolition activities.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Motorboat Operator
  • Engineer Basic

Suitable Substitutions