Full-Track Driver (735) Enlisted Personnel

Operate a gasoline or Diesel-powered high-speed caterpillar tractor to drag or tow heavy artillery weapons, construction equipment, and other military equipment and matériel.
Makes preoperation inspection of tractor by checking condition of brakes, steering mechanism, motor, transmission, tracks, bogey, and drive wheels. Operates tractor by manipulating levers and controls to control forward, reverse, or turning movements. Hitches draw bar to weapons or equipment to be towed or attaches tow line to tractor and equipment. Tows artillery or equipment on roads and cross country. Camouflages tractor and towed equipment for protection against enemy air and armored units. Services, cleans, and lubricates tractor. Makes minor repairs to track, bogey, and drive wheels and engine.
May drive a tank.*
Should know general principles of internal combustion engines, power transmission, and electrical systems of caterpillar tractors.
Must have an Army motor vehicle operator's permit.

* See 1736 Light Tank Crewman; 2736 Medium Tank Crewman.