Flight Engineer (737) Enlisted Personnel

Operates the engine control panel on very heavy multiple-engine airplanes.
At the pilots direction adjusts throttle, mixture, supercharger and propeller pitch control to obtain varying conditions of engine speed, manifold pressure, and fuel combustion. Performs such items of maintenance and adjustment as are possible during flight, such as correcting malfunctions of engine, cabin supercharger systems, landing gear, etc. Maintains the weight and balance of the airplane during flight within allowable limits. Advises pilot as to computations of cruising range and data relative to fuel consumption. Advises pilot as to engine performance; weight and balance; and airworthiness of the airplane. Maintains a flight log and other necessary records during flight.
Assists the ground crew chief with the daily and preflight inspections and reports to the pilot any deficiencies in the inspection and maintenance of airplane. Directs loading of airplane.
Must be physically qualified for flight duty, must have completed flight engineers course. Must be capable of rapid arithmetical computations. Should have previous experience as crew chief or similar responsible duty on two- or four-engine aircraft.