Airplane Maintenance Technician (750) Enlisted Personnel

Supervises the inspection, maintenance, adjustment, and minor repair of aircraft and aircraft equipment.
Performs prescribed inspections of aircraft to determine necessary servicing, adjustments, or parts replacements. Determines priority of jobs, and assigns crews or individual specialists to tasks. Thoroughly checks maintenance work to insure proper condition of aircraft. Instructs subordinates in interpretation of technical order and in maintenance methods. Analyses and troubleshoots unusual malfunctioning of aircraft. Coordinates all maintenance operations to expedite restoring aircraft to serviceable condition. Supervises maintenance of shop records, airplane and engine maintenance forms, and requisition and care of tools, equipment, parts, and supplies. Warms up engines and taxis airplanes, checks weight and balance computations of aerial engineer-gunner.
Must have a thorough working knowledge of all aircraft assemblies, systems, and Army Air Forces technical orders. Considerable experience in inspection and maintenance aircraft required.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Airplane Crew Chief
  • Airplane Flight Chief
  • Airplane Inspector
  • Airplane Line Chief