Radio Operator-Mechanic-Gunner, AAF (757) Enlisted Personnel

Operates airborne transmitting and receiving equipment; sends and receives messages using letters and numerals of the International Morse Code, CW, ICW, tone or light signals in the same code.
Receives International Morse Code signals copying by hand-printing at a minimum speed of 16 five-letter random code groups per minute without error for a minimum period of 3 consecutive minutes out of 5.
Transmits International Morse Code signals, using hand key, at a minimum speed of 16 five-letter random code groups per minute without error for a minimum period 2 consecutive minutes out 3.
Handles without error, a minimum of 15 plaindress normal form messages (averaging 10 five-letter code groups of text) in a field radio net of two or more stations through interference.
Normally operates air-ground, changing frequencies as required. Tunes radio equipment accurately and quickly to any required frequency covered by coils and installed equipment. Maintains calibration charts, revising transmitter tuning data as necessary. Must possess a thorough working knowledge of combined radiotelephone and radiotelegraph procedures and authentication. Should be familiar with commonly used low grade cryptographic equipment and systems. Receives and transmits by light signals at a minimum speed of 5 wpm. Maintains station logs and message files.
Performs necessary flight maintenance on airborne radio equipment used throughout the Army Air Forces. Makes required periodic inspections of radio equipment. Keeps equipment clean, inspects antenna systems, cords, plugs, telegraph key, and control switches and makes all necessary adjustments. Tests all Army Air Forces radio equipment customarily installed on military aircraft, such as receivers, transmitter, power supply auxiliaries, and accessories, changing tubes, or tuning coils and making minor repairs to equipment as necessary.
Must be physically qualified for flight duty.
Handles gun position as directed. Loads, aims, and fires a machine gun and other ordnance as prescribed for airborne use against aerial and ground targets. Sets sights and corrects aim if required. Makes necessary adjustments to airplane guns; corrects stoppages and makes minor repairs. Must be able to identify enemy airplanes.