Searchlight Crewman (763) Enlisted Personnel

As a member of a crew, performs one or more of the following duties in the operation of a searchlight used for illumination of enemy targets in air or at sea.
Sets up, operates, and maintains portable power generator. Starts motor, regulates speed of engine, checks operation gauges, services motor, and makes minor repairs such as changing fan belt or spark plugs. Operates and maintains searchlight, connecting light to power source, throwing switch to turn on light, checking dials for proper amperage, examining carbons through porthole mechanism box to make certain they are the proper length, and cleaning and polishing mirror regularly. Sets up and operates control station. Hooks up station to radar and to searchlight. Maintains electrical syncrhonization and precise direction between radar detector and searchlight either by manipulating handwheels and zeroing dials at control station or by controlling searchlight by remote control from control station while tracking target through binoculars attached to control station.
May drive truck. May direct beam manually with hand crank if power fails May check orientation of searchlight, control station, and detector by comparing simultaneous readings of azimuth and angular elevation.
Must be familiar with mechanical operation and tactical use of searchlight, power plant, and control station, and with duties of other members of the crew.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Control Station Operator
  • Machine Gunner, Searchlight Crew
  • Portable, Power Generator Operator, Searchlight
  • Searchlight Operator