Weather Observer (784) Enlisted Personnel

Makes, records, and evaluates data on atmospheric elements. Reads and records data from standard weather instruments. Makes and records visual observations of clouds, ceiling, visibility, and other weather elements and corrects and evaluates observational data. Codes and decodes weather data. Plots data on weather maps, charts, and diagrams. Performs first and second echelon maintenance of standard weather instruments and equipment. Operates weather teletypewriters in accordance with circuit rules.
Must be well acquainted with forms used in recording observations and with routine weather station forms, requisitions, and records. Must possess a knowledge of elementary meteorology. Must be able to install simple weather instruments and equipment, and must be familiar with the various weather codes and ciphers.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Meteorological Observer
  • Meteorological Plotter
  • Theodolite Oberserver
  • Weather Cryptographer