Toxic Gas Handler (786) Enlisted Personnel

Stores and handles toxic gases and other chemical warfare ammunition preliminary to their use in the field or analysis in a laboratory.
Observes and enforces safety regulations pertaining to proper handling of chemical warfare supplies. Removes contents of chemical shells, decontaminating them for future use. Prepares and maintains various forms necessary to procure and keep on hand adequate ammunition stock. Classifies and distributes ammunition.
Must be familiar with effects of common toxic gases and first-aid treatments prescribed for each. Must be thoroughly familiar with regulations pertaining to handling and storage of toxic gases. Must be able to change valves on containers and cylinders, and do pipe fitting as necessary.
When assigned to Army Air Forces, fills airplane chemical spray tanks with various toxic gases, and arms tanks for detonation. Decontaminates spray tanks. Must be familiar with operation of all equipment contained in the chemical service truck M1. May be required to perform duty as chemical equipment operator, requiring qualification as operator of Army motor vehicle.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Chemical Equipment Operator
  • Chief Toxic Gas Handler
  • Chemical Handler
  • Toxic Gas Guard