Radio Repairman, Single Channel Teletype (792) Enlisted Personnel

Installs, operates, and maintains radio receiver and terminal equipment of single channel voice frequency radio teletype systems.
Tunes and adjusts receivers and discriminating devices of voice frequency terminal equipment by manipulation of external control devices. Tests circuits, tubes, and other parts of equipment. Locates and diagnoses sources of malfunctioning. Makes adjustments, repairs (including improvisations), replacements and substitutions in such items of equipment as antenna, dual diversity receivers, and teletype relay equipment.
Uses precision electrical and electronic instruments and various types of small hand and light machine tools.
Must be able to transmit and receive in International Morse Code at a minimum speed of 13 words per minute (averaging five characters per word) in clear text. Must be able to make any adjustment or repair to receiving equipment, voice frequency terminal equipment, and accessories. Must understand fundamental principles of teletype transmission. Must be able to read accurately variois meters, dials, and other indicating devices and know when tolerances are exceeded.