Airplane Armorer (911) Enlisted Personnel

Performs first and second echelon maintenance on all armament within the unit and loads bombs and ammunition in aircraft.
Periodically examines aerial machine guns and other aircraft armament and equipment such as aerial cannon, bomb racks, bomb release mechanisms, gun mounts, gun turrets, and pyrotechnics for cleanliness and proper functioning. Installs armament and equipment and checks their completeness prior to missions. Removes and replaces aircraft armament to be serviced or repaired. Removes and replaces bombsights. Inspects, disassembles, cleans, repairs, assembles, and makes parts replacements to such weapons as .50-caliber machine guns, .30-caliber machine guns, 37-mm cannon, rifles, carbines, and pistols.
Uses combination tool, wrenches, screw drivers, micrometers, depth gauges, and other hand or bench tools in making these repairs. Loads bombs on bomb racks of aircraft prior to missions.
Must be familiar with armament inspection and maintenance procedures, and with safety regulations in handling transporting and loading bombs and other ammunition. Must be familiar with safety regulations pertaining to chemical warfare.