Bomb Salvage Technician (924) Enlisted Personnel

Performs various technical operations in connection with the excavation and disposal of unexploded enemy demolition and fragmentation bombs.
Surveys and lays out area to be excavated. Sets up equipment and by use of earth-boring machine, jack hammers, hand shovels, and shoring timber, removes and braces earth or debris surrounding bomb, taking every precaution to prevent its accidental explosion. Operates special bomb disposal equipment to neutralize explosive power of bomb and removes missile to designated area for destruction. Prepares report on completed operations, listing such information as will assist in future operations.
May supervise and instruct personnel in technical operations of bomb disposal equipment.
Must be familiar with all types of enemy fuses and demolition and fragmentation bombs, and with operation of special bomb disposal equipment.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Bomb Salvager