Airplane Electrical Instrument Mechanic (957) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects, disassembles, repairs, cleans, assembles, and calibrates electrically operated aircraft instruments and control devices such as voltmeters, ammeters, synchroscopes, thermometers, fuel mixture indicators, ohmmeters and position indicators.
Examines defective instruments by checking physical condition of cases, cover glasses, pointers, markings, and other external features. Installs instrument on test board to observe its operation, analyze malfunctioning, and determines necessary repairs. Disassembles instrument cases and repairs or replaces worn or damaged parts. Reassembles instruments and calibrate sit by taking check readings. Reports instruments for salvage if damaged beyond repair.
Uses such tools and equipment as ammeter, voltmeter, ohmmeter, electrical and hydraulic test stands, electrician's hand tools and jeweler's tools.