Remote Control Turret Mechanic (960) Enlisted Personnel

Performs first and second echelon maintenance of remote control turret systems. Analyzes malfunctioning of remote control turret systems. Isolates malfunction to the elements or main assembly in complete system. Isolates within assembly to the individual part. Adjusts, repairs, or replaces faulty part of assembly after location. Tests for proper functioning. Uses analyzing tools, meters, instruments, and gauges for location of fault.
Replaces assemblies, turret parts, brushes, brush riggings, contractors, relays, switches, selsyns, sights and sight lamps, and all such parts which are accessible and provided as squadron spares for first and second echelons of maintenance. Cleans, oils, greases, adjusts, inspects, and tests all elements of system. Levels, harmonizes, zeros, and aligns system and guns. Tests computer settings and function. Tests system. Checks, inspects, and tests guns, power supply, control, and safety devices, and other parts.