Postal Officer (0030) Officer or Warrant Officer

Directs or supervises postal operations of a tactical unit or fixed installation. Establishes operating procedures for timely delivery of mail, proper disposal of undeliverable items and settlement of problems in connection with lost, stolen, or damaged mail; sets up methods and schedules of distribution and maintains standard pouch records; makes arrangements for the accurate disposition of registered, special delivery, and insured mail; schedules assignments to adjust work loads of personnel; makes reports and recommendations for improvement of postal service; requisitions personnel and supplies; arranges for transportation of mail and provides for necessary postal guards to accompany valuable mail; supervises preparation of correspondence on various problems concerning operations. May direct the preparation of an officer and civilian directory and locator system to furnish information on location and movement of personnel. May organize and operate a motor dispatch service, and supply information on amount of space available for mail directed to or from theaters of operation. May supervise processing of microfilm V-mail, checking facsimiles for quality of reproduction.
Must possess thorough knowledge of postal organization and administration and postal practices.
Experience in supervisory post positions essential.

Source Jobs:

  • Postmaster
  • Postal Supervisor
  • Postal Inspector
  • Mail Superintendent