Radar Officer (0140) Officer or Warrant Officer

Supervises the location of radar equipment, selection of site, and the installation, operation, and maintenance of a radar operating unit. Maintains liaison with civil authorities and interested public utilities; coordinates activities of the station with associated arms; is responsible for command, local administration, and technical operation of station. May serve as staff officer specializing in radar operations.
Military experience essential. Should include Signal Corps School Radar Course.
Civilian supervisory experience in radio or telephone carrier and technical repeater work desirable.
Should have at least 2 years of college courses leading to an electrical engineering degree or other courses in radio or telephone engineering.

Source Jobs:

  • Telephone Engineer
  • Radio Engineer
  • Telephone Carrier and Repeater Engineer
  • Electrical Research Engineer
  • High Frequency Aviation Radio Engineer
  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Radio Technician
  • Sound Engineer