Post Signal Officer (0213) Officer or Warrant Officer

Exercises administrative and technical supervision of a communication system at a military post, camp, or station including the signal center of the organization. Supervises cryptographing and decryptographing of communications; coordinates the procurement of equipment and supplies and the operation of signal maintenance and repair facilities; makes technical inspections and recommendations for the care and utilization of all equipment; supervises personnel keeping Signal Corps records and preparing reports; maintains liaison with commercial communication comapnies.
Should have experience with military signal units and be familiar with Army organization, including completion of Signal Corps Wire or Radio Course, or other pertinent courses at Signal Corps schools.
Civilian supervisory or technical experience in the field of radio, telephone, or telegraph engineering desirable.
Should be college graduate with a degree in electrical engineering, specializing in communication.

Source Jobs:

  • Communications Engineer
  • Radio Engineer
  • Telephone or Telegraph Engineer