Car Carpenter, Railway (046) Enlisted Personnel

Constructs, assembles, and repairs wooden and steel freight and passenger cars, lays out and builds wooden frames from blueprints or sketches, and cuts and shapes wood in fabricating and repairing wood parts in a military railway repair shop.
Makes and hangs doors, lays floors and roofing, and fits siding to railroad cars. Operates woodworking machinery and uses carpenter's hand tools for trimming and shaping wood patterns. Determines whether finished patterns are in exact accordance with prescribed dimensions. Reinforces joins, glues joints, and clamps until dry. replaces worn padding, springs, and seat covers.
Equipment includes woodborers, jointers, molders, planners, and sanders, rip, cross-cut, band, and scroll saws, pattern maker lathe and trimmer and carpenter's and cabinetmaker's hand tools, sewing machines and canvas working equipment.
Must be able to work from blueprints or sketches. Must know mechanics of fitting joints, laying floors, and fitting sidings. Must be familiar with carpenter's folding rules and squares. Must know various types of lumber.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Cabinetmaker
  • Foreman, Car Carpenter
  • Pattern Maker, Wood (Railway)
  • Upholsterer

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