Power Shovel Operator (064) Enlisted Personnel

Operates and performs first echelon maintenance on Diesel, gas, or steam powered shovel equipment mounted on crawler-tread or railway car to excavate or move material.
Operates hand levers such as swing, hoist, crowd stick, and travel to turn unit on chassis, hoist dipper boom upward and downward, force crowd stick into material, and actuate caterpillar treads for forward and backward motion. Operates foot levers to brake turning of unit to stop vertical movements of dipper boom and to brake forward or backward motion of unit. Using mechanic's hand tools assembles and disassembles such attachments to the shovel as pile driver, ditcher, crane, clam shell bucket, and dragline. Cleans shovel, greases steel cable and moving parts, cleans and oils pulley blocks, tightens loose bolts and nuts. Adjusts friction clutches and replaces worn or broken parts. Checks oil, water, and fuel, and makes adjustments to carburetor and governor.
May drive truck and trailer to haul shovel to work site.

Suitable Substitutions