Engineman, Operating (081) Enlisted Personnel

Operats and maintains gas or Diesel engine and auxiliary equipment used for generating power.
Makes preoperating inspection for amount of gas or oil in fuel tank, amount of oil in crankcase, water level in battery, fan belt, ignition wiring, and engine mounts. Starts engine using electric starter or hand crank. Observes ammeter, oil gauge, rpm indicator, and temperature gauges during operation and regulates speed upon instructions from supervisor. Makes post-operating inspection similar to preoperating inspection. Tightens hose connections, motor mounts, and other engine parts. Cleans and adjusts spark plugs, carburetor, and fuel injector and lubricates equipment. Operates and makes minor repairs to air compressors, pumps, controllers, reverse and reduction gears, generators, hand and power winches, and concrete mixers. Uses mechanic's hand tools to replace packing in pumps, adjust controllers, clean gear boxes, tighten wire connections, clean commutators, replace brushes and worn or damaged parts, including spark plugs, injectors, brakes, and drums.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Air Compressor Operator
  • Engineman, Diesel
  • Operator, Gas Dispenser
  • Winch Mechanic

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