Photolithographer (107) Enlisted Personnel

Photographs military topographical maps and other documents and transfers the pattern or image thus produced to zinc lithographic plates which are used to reproduce copies of such topographical maps and other documents.
Arranges subject matter and focuses camera for proper enlargement or reduction. Makes exposures and prepares negative to be used in transferring image or pattern photographed to lithographic zinc plates. Selects properly grained lithographic zinc plates and coats it with sensitized albumen solution. Places plates in vacuum frame easel, beneath the negative, and makes adjustments to center and orients the negative properly over the plate. Exposes plate to illumination of electric arc lights. Removes plate and manually processes it with chemicals to develop pattern and condition plate for use in press.
Equpipment used includes plate whirler, vacuum frame easel, timer, wet plate negative lithographic plates, developing ink, and camera.
Must have a general knowledge of photographic and lithographic processes.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Draftsman, Lithographic
  • Foreman, Lithographer
  • Lithographer, General
  • Lithographer, Photo Transfer
  • Lithographic Engraver
  • Photographer, Copy Cameraman
  • Photographer, Photoengraving