Machinist (114) Enlisted Personnel

Makes metal parts and tools from metal castings, forgings, and stock, working to close tolerances in a military machine shop.
Studies blueprint, selects metal stock, and lays out work, using guide gauge, straightedge, and protractor. Sets up work in machines and selects correct shape and sharpened cutting tool for each type of machine to be used. Operates metalworking machines such as engine lathe for shaping metal parts, milling machine for surfacing metal by action of rotating cutter, planer for cutting flat surfaces on metal, power hack saw for sawing metal stock to length, shaper for shaping exterior surfaces of metal parts, vertical boring mill for cutting circular or cylindrical surfaces on metal parts, and drill press for cutting holes in metal. Checks dimensions of part during machine process with micrometers, calipers, gauges, and ruler. Cleans and oils each machine used. Sharpens cutting tools on grinder. Removes excess metal from parts, using hand tools such as files and scrapers. Fits and assembles parts according to blueprints. May heat-treat parts by annealing, case hardening, or tempering.
Must be able to work a variety of metals, such as steel, wrought iron, cast iron, brass, and aluminum.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Engine Specialist (Machinist, Automobile)
  • Foreman, Machine Shop
  • Foreman, Machinist
  • Railway Mechanic, General
  • Tool Maker