Machine Operator (Designated Machine) (302) Enlisted Personnel

Operates one or more machines used in machine shops to change the shape of metal parts or tools.
Sets up machine, working from blueprints or drawings. Selects correct cutting tool, clamps metal part to machine table, and operates such machines as engine lathe, vertical boring mill, grinding machine, milling machine, planer, shaper, and drill press. Checks dimensions of machined part against blueprint, using micrometers, gauges, and calipers.
Cleans and oils machine used and sharpens cutting tools.
May operate other shop machines such as band saw, buffer, power hack saw and tapper. May machine a variety of metals, such as steel, cast iron, aluminum, and brass.
Must be able to read blueprints.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Boring Mill Operator
  • Drill Press Operator
  • Engine Lathe Operator
  • Grinding Machine Operator
  • Milling Machine Operator
  • Planer Operator
  • Shaper Operator