Dredeman (116) Enlisted Personnel

Operates dredge equipment and machinery aboard a vessel to excavate or move materials from channels, rivers and harbors to permit passage of ships, landing craft or other vessels.
Operates dredge equipment and machinery controlling raising, lowering and placing of drags on suction dredges. Operates levers to control excavating mechanisms, including spuds, anchor lines and other dredge equipment. Maintains in good repair and working order machines and mechanical equipment aboard the dredge.
May supervise laying of heavy pipelines on water by use of pontons or construction work.
Should have thorough working knowledge of dredging operations obtained through training and experience in the field.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Drag Tender
  • Foreman, Dredge Pipeline
  • Dredge Leverman
  • Dredgehand