Multilith or Multigraph Operator (128) Enlisted Personnel

Produces duplicate copies of printed or typed forms, orders, bulletins, memoranda, training aids, and charts by the operation of multilith and multigraph machines.
Stacks blank paper in feed carrier of multilith machine or sets type by hand in semicircular drum of multigraph machine. Adjusts paper guides to allow proper flow of paper through machine. Covers printed or typed plate with protective solution and secures plate to revolving drum of machine. Packs ink paste in ink fountain, using putty knife. Starts machine and checks printed matter for marginal correctness and general appearance. Corrects faulty margins by adjusting screw controls. Adjusts ink control to allow for correct flow. Cleans and oils moving parts. Keeps record of copies printed and file plates. Removes, sorts, and cleans multigraph type.
May operate mimeograph, ditto, or paper cutting machines.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Multigraph Operator
  • Multilith Operator