Foundryman (129) Enlisted Personnel

Processes iron, aluminium, brass or other metal castings used in the repair of military equipment, performing such duties as making cores, preparing molds, firing and charging furnaces, pouring metal, and preparing castings for machining.
Makes cores used in molds for hollow castings by compacting a mixture of sand and binder into core boxes. Removes and smoothes cores, and hardens them by baking in oven.
Forms sand molds by sifting sand into flask (framework for shaping mold) and compacting the sand around pattern to be formed, using a hand ramming tool. Withdraws pattern from mold, using a draw screw, and patches slightly damaged impressions, using a molder's slick (knifelike smoothing tool). Applies coating of powdered coal, graphite or molasses to strengthen mold impression.
Fires and charges an oil-fired or gas-fired put furnace in which various metals or allows are melted to be used in making castings. Ignites oil or gas burner and regulates valves on fuel and air lines to heat furnace to pouring temperature of metal. Fills crucibles with pig or scrap metal. Attaches tongs to crucibles and lowers them into furnace by hand or with a hoist. Removes crucibles from furnace when molten metal is at proper pouring temperature, using a pyrometer or judging by the color of the metal. May transport crucible and pour molten metal into molds.
Removes castings from mold and cleans them by use of sandblast and wire brushes. May further prepare castings for machining by chipping with a pneumatic hammer and smoothing with portable surface grinder.
Must have knowledge of molding sands and how they are mixed. Must have knowledge of best temperatures for casting different types of metals.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Coremake
  • Foreman, Foundry
  • Furnace Operator
  • Molder