Animation Artist (130) Enlisted Personnel

Prepares a series of animated drawings which are to be used in the production of motion pictures for instructional or training purposes.
Receives scenario and background material from the director and plans means of graphically representing actions or ideas. Decides on any special animation techniques to be used. Draws base drawings, backgrounds, extreme drawings, and in-betweens, which are first made on tracing paper and later transferred to celluloid. Produces a sequence of drawings, each drawing showing a slightly more advanced stage of the motion being depicted than the preceding one.
May draw pictorial charts and orthographic and perspective views. May opaque the area between lines after they have been traced on celluloids, using paints and brush.
Uses rule, inking pens, pencils, T-square, triangles and French curves and airbrush equipment.
Must have manual skill and artistic ability to make technical animated drawings.

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