Film Editor, Motion Picture (131) Enlisted Personnel

Edits arranges, and composes film in connection with the production of motion pictures for intelligence and training purposes.
Marks and labels each scene. Watches the scenes as they are run through a moviola or projector many times. Makes rough cuts and first and final selections of scenes. Assembles selected scenes in the sequence prescribed in the scenario. Inserts titles, animated sections, close-ups, and special effects such as fade-outs and fade-ins. Rearranges scenes to produce better continuity and rhythm and to add more interest appeal. Reviews final assembly on a movie.
May synchronize a sound track with the motion picture by running both films on a syncrhonizer and marking them at critical points. May cut negative to correspond with the finally edited work print motion picture. Must be familiar with edge numbering techniques.
Uses a rewinder, scraper, cement, and splicing clamp to splice fim.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Film Cutter
  • Negative Cutter

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