Sound Editor, Motion Picture (287) Enlisted Personnel

Selects, splices, and edits the sound tracks of a motion picture film in connection with the production of motion pictures for historical, intelligence, and training purposes.
Studies picture to decide what sound effects, music, or background effects are needed to make the picture effective. Selects from library of sounds to be used. Runs picture on moviola and marks exact spot where sounds are to be utilized. Makes up cue sheet to indicate sequence of sounds he has put in, what track they are on, and footage of movie at point of insertion. Runs pictures on synchronizing machines, stopping at marked footage and splicing in sound effects at same point on as many sound tracks as are required. Runs film and sound tracks in recording room to note discordances between sounds and film, making necessary corrections.
Must be thoroughly familiar with problems of motion picture sound editing, being able to synchronize various sound effects to prevent discordant chords.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Sound Cutter

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