Projectionist, Motion Picture (137) Enlisted Personnel

Operates and makes minor repairs and adjustments on motion picture projection and sound reproducing equipment to project motion pictures in connection with such activities as military intelligence, training, and entertainment.
Sets up machine by threading film from reel on upper spindle, over the driving sprocket and guide rollers, past the exciter lamp and projecting lamp, and onto empty reel on lower spindle.
Frames and focuses images on screen by turning regulating screws. Focuses blurred image by adjusting main lens. Turns dials to control volume and tone of the sound amplifier.
Inspects films on a rewinding device to detect such defects as loose or heavy splices, broken film, torn sprockets and holes, defective sound track, or dirty or oily condition. Splices broken film, using rewinder, film scraper, film cement, and splicing press. Places cue numbers on film. Adjusts reflector and adjusts and replaces carbon electrodes in lamps. Operates spotlight. Cleans and checks operation of projection and sound equipment, and replaces such parts as the projection lamp, exciter lamp, photo-electric cell, vacuum tubes, sound exciter, and amplifier when they are burned out. Replaces worn sprocket wheels and felt guide rollers, using common hand tools such as pliers and screw drivers.