Heavy Mortar Crewman (1607) Enlisted Personnel

As member of 81-mm or 4.2-inch mortar crew, sets up, aims, and fires weapon from carrier or ground mount, to place explosive, toxic gas, shells, or smoke on enemy positions.
Emplaces mortar and sights in on aiming stake. Adjusts mortar for elevation and deflection. Uses firing tables to determine necessary charge and adjusts charge of mortar shell by removing necessary number of increments to give correct auxiliary propelling force. Fires weapon by dropping shell into mortar to strike firing pin. Drives vehicle.
At supervisory level is responsible for control, coordination, and tactical employment of mortar crews.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Ammunition Bearer
  • Instrument Noncommissioned Officer
  • Mortar Assistant
  • Mortar Gunner

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