Lineman, Telephone and Telegraph (238) Enlisted Personnel

Installs, repairs, and maintains permanent and semipermanent military telephone and telegraph wire systems.
Locates sites for telephone and telegraph poles and wires. Erects poles. Climbs poles, using climbing tools and aids. Strings wires, wiresplices, and ties. Provides static protection and set up guys and braces. Corrects causes of short circuits and splices broken lines. Locates, erects, and maintains field telephones and switchboards. Operates heavy line construction equipment such as earth-boring machine, pole jacks, derricks and winches.
Equipment includes pole climbing irons and safety belt, wire reel, test set consisting of hand phone, hand cranked magneto, and dry cells, and electrician's hand tools.
Must be familiar with the standard operating rules and regulations governing wire communication systems of organization to which assigned. Should be able to read blueprints and maps.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Installer-Repairman, Railway

Suitable Substitutions