Occupational Counselor (262) Enlisted Personnel

Assists in aiding soldier who are about to be discharged in finding proper employment, or in obtaining additional education or training; or in determining proper military assignments for soldiers returned from combat.
Studies each case to determine suitable occupations either in the Army or in civilian life which soldier might pursue, taking into consideration such factors as handicaps or limitations, training, experience, interest, and environmental conditions of assignment or employment. Administers or prescribes tests to assist in determining capacity, emotional stability, and occupational aptitude, and notes interests of individuals as revealed by such activities as hobbies, books read, or participation in sports. Evaluates results of tests and other data, analyzes soldier's "Military Occupation Specialities" for characteristics convertible to other military or civilian work. Takes into consideration handicaps or limitations, and makes recommendations for assignment or employment, or for additional training or education.
May refer soldier to proper authorities within Army for further consultation.
Should have a thorough knowledge of occupations, essential worker characteristics, and opportunities for employment. Experience in phychological examining, vocational guidance, or employment counseling or equivalent training and experience very desirable.