Classification Specialist (275) Enlisted Personnel

Interviews enlisted men to obtain civilian and military job history and other related information to be used for classification and assignment of military personnel.
Obtains and records soldier's personal history, education, aptitudes, interests, hobbies, civilian work history, and military experience. Periodically checks the military occupational speciality and duty status against the qualification card of each man in the organization and ascertains whether military personnel are classified and performing duties commensurate with their military or civilian training.
May administer and grade group tests of intelligence and aptitude and record test data on qualification records. May prepare reports on classification and assignment. May conduct interviews for reclassification and assignment of enlisted personnel.
Must be familiar with all regulations, manuals and procedures pertaining to Army classification and with methods of punching, coding and maintenance of officers' and enlisted men's qualification record. Should be familiar with the requirements of all jobs in the unit to which assigned.

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