X-Ray Technician (264) Enlisted Personnel

Takes X-ray photographs of parts of the human body with X-ray machines for use in diagnosiing and treating injuries and disease.
Positions patient under X-ray according to part of body exposed, and depending upon thickness of bones and tissue, determines proper voltage and amperage required, distance of patient from machine, and length of exposure. Manipulates levers which control duration and intensity of exposure. Develops films in photographic darkroom, pressing solutions and immersing negative, in succession, in developing tank, rinse water, fixing tank, and in wash solution. Makes minor repairs to X-ray machine such as replacing fuses, switches, circuit breakers, wires and X-ray tubes.
Must have knowledge of anatomy, X-ray techniques, and darkroom methods.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Radiology Technician (AAF)

Suitable Substitutions