Medical Aidman (657) Enlisted Personnel

Performs various duties to assist technicians in Medical Department activities.
Administers first-aid treatment to sick, injured or wounded. Treats minor injuries and wounds, such as cuts, blisters, contusions, and lacerations, applying medicants and bandaging wounds. Makes and applies arm or leg splints, treats patients for shock, and stops bleeding by approved methods. Lifts patient onto litter, and carries to aid station, ambulance loading point, or collecting station.
Performs routine duties in the care and treatment of patients, taking temperature and pulse readings, bathing and feeding patients, and preparing patients for operations. Makes beds, cleans and washes equipment and floors, and assists in sterilizing instruments. Performs related duties as directed.
Must have received medical basic training.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • First-Aid Man
  • Hospital Orderly
  • Litter Bearer
  • Medical Basic
  • Medical Corpsman (AAF)