Chemist (292) Enlisted Personnel

Conducts investigations and research in the various branches of chemistry dealing with such subject matter as toxic and nontoxic gases, explosives, and photographic materials.
Makes inspections of chemical warfare materials to determine their serviceability. Supervises destruction of unserviceable material. Examines enemy chemical matériel and devises protective equipment. Prepares reports on enemy matériel for use of intelligence agencies. Examines chemical properties of compounds and solutions and determines proper concentrations required.
Uses chemicals and laboratory equipment such as flasks, beakers, burettes, condensers, graduates, glass and rubber tubing, combustion furnaces, porcelain boats, gas analysis apparatus, carbon apparatus, field sampling apparatus, and analytical balances.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Analytical Chemist
  • Chemical Inspector
  • Photographic Chemist
  • Toxicologist

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