Bacteriologist (3307) Enlisted Personnel

Performs and supervises diagnostic bacteriological operations in hospital or laboratory. Conducts and directs research studies in bacteriological subjects relating to control of infectious diseases; studies methods of isolating and stabilizing bacteria; collects, isolates, classifies, and studies specimens of blood and discharge and makes microscopic examinations and analyses; prepares and maintains stock cultures of bacteria and conducts routine serologic tests; administers vaccines and sera; prepares reports of laboratory studies, tests, and findings. May perform autopsies and make clinical pathological studies. May investigate special problems such as immunological prevention of dental caries and investigation of antigens for production of “immune” vaccine. Must have at least 2 years experience in medical diagnostic and public health Bacteriology at hospital, Medical School, private agency producing biological products, research agency, or governmental health agency. Must be University or College graduate and holder of Bachelor of Science degree with major study in Bacteriology and minor study in Chemistry.