Nurse, Administrative (3430) Enlisted Personnel

Supervises nursing service of Medical Department installation. Instructs, assigns, disciplines, and inspects duty performance of Army Nurse Corps personnel of unit; assigns tasks to female civilian employees within the Corps; and supervises their performance of duty; keeps personnel records of members of Army Nurse Corps within command, and supervises preparation of all reports, returns, and charts regarding nursing service; requisitions equipment and property for Nurses’ quarters. May supervise Nurse’s mess, plan menus, supervise sanitation, and execute administrative details. Must be qualified to administer narcotics, to provide for their safekeeping, and to record dosages of narcotics administered. Must possess executive ability, good judgment, and tact. Must be registered Nurse. Experience in Army Nurse Corps desirable. Civilian hospital experience in administration of nursing activities acceptable in place of experience in Army Nurse Corps. Must have completed 3 years’ training at approved Nursing School.