Nurse, General Duty (3449) Enlisted Personnel

Renders general nursing care to all types of patients. Plans daily schedules for care of groups of patients; prepares for and administers prescribed therapeutic treatments; assists physician in treatment and diagnostic measures; meets medical and surgical emergencies which arise in absence of physician; keeps watch over patients’ condition, securing services of physician when necessary; keeps record on progress of patients; requisitions supplies and cares for equipment in ward; maintains wards and surrounding areas in best possible condition; affords companionship, sympathy, encouragement, and, if necessary, discipline and control of patients. May assist in making electro-cardiograms and in measuring basal metabolism. Must be qualified to administer narcotics, to provide for their safekeeping, and to record dosages of narcotics administered. Must be graduate of accredited School of Nursing and Registered Nurse; completion of postgraduate courses in nursing desirable.