Medical Supply Officer (4490) Enlisted Personnel

Procures, stores, issues, and accounts for medical supplies and equipment. Audits and controls disbursement accounts for local purchases or services for Medical Department activities; supervises maintenance and repair of Medical Department furniture and equipment; makes inventories and personally issues restricted medical supplies; directs warehouse storage of medical supplies; supervises maintenance of adequate inventory records and preparation of reports and records; as member of the staff, advises Commanding Officer on medical supply matters. May supervise installation of hospitals and supplies on board ship or at fixed bases. Must have thorough knowledge of Medical Supply items and be familiar with procurement, storage, and accounting of same. Must be thoroughly familiar with supply sources, warehouse accounting methods, and Army Medical Supply Catalog. Should be familiar with hospital administration. Should have military experience including training in handling of Medical Supplies. Completion of courses in Army Medical Field Service School very desirable. Several years civilian supervisory experience in warehousing or distributing of Medical Supplies desirable. College training including courses in Chemistry and Business Administration very desirable.