Petroleum Storage Technician (485) Enlisted Personnel

Supervises the storage, handling, and distribution of petroleum products, and operation and maintenance of storage terminals or tank farms at ports, beach heads, airfields, or bulk stations. Checks amount and kind of petroleum products in tanks against stock records, directing work of gaugers. Obtains samples for testing prior to pumping. Prepares information for pump station operators and other terminal operators as to time, amount, route, and destination of products to be pumped. Directs the connecting of available tanks for receiving or distributing petroleum products. Supervises the cleaning and maintenance of tanks, pumps, and terminal equipment.
Must know methods of storing petroleum products. Must have knowledge of operation and maintenance of pumping equipment for handling such materials. Must have knowledge of hazards in handling petroleum products, fire-fighting principles, and petroleum fire-fighting equipment and techniques.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Terminal Operator Assistant
  • Terminal Supervisor, Petroleum Products