Safety Inspector (486) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects War Department installations and facilities for the existence of hazards endangering life and property.
Inspects facility areas, activities, machinery installations and equipment, and enforces safety measures. Investigates accidents and makes recommendations to correct or eliminate causes. Checks operating procedures for compliance with safety rules and regulations. Instructs enlisted personnel in recognition of existing hazards and necessary precautions to prevent accidents.
For petroleum inspections, must be qualified to assist in the enforcement of safety precautions throughout a petroleum pipeline system and instruction of enlisted personnel in safe handling of gasoline, precautions to be taken while repairing leaks, and prevention of static charges.
Should be familiar with industrial processes and hazards, production problems and military training requirements and methods.
Training and experience in industrial accident prevention, safety engineering, public safety, fire prevention or industrial hygiene very desirable.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Assistant Safety Engineer