Armorer (511) Enlisted Personnel

Maintains, services, and makes minor repairs on all small-arms weapons of using organization.
Examines such weapons as rifles, carbines, pistols, rocket launchers, light and heavy .30- and .50-caliber machine guns by manually operating mechanisms. Cleans weapons, using oil, still bristle or wire brush, wiping cloth, and emery cloth. Disassembles weapons, sands, and removes all burrs, replaces worn or unserviceable parts, and reassembles weapons. Sends all weapons requiring major repairs to appropriate Ordnance shops.
Performs miscellaneous organization tasks including carpentry, painting, and similar organizational repair work.
Uses such tools and equipment as pliers, screw drivers, chisels, punches, files, drift pins, hammers, and bench vise.
Must be familiar with construction and operation of small arms weapons. Must be able to estimate condition of guns and gun parts and determine whether replacements are necessary. Must be familiar with Ordnance regulations governing repair of small-arms weapons.

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