Artillery Mechanic, Minor Maintenance (802) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects, maintains, and makes minor repairs on all types of artillery weapons and auxiliary equipment excluding antiaircraft automatic weapons and guns.
Makes frequent inspections of artillery weapons of using organization to ascertain looseness of bolts, sighting and firing mechanisms, and gun carriage. Makes such minor repairs and adjustments to artillery pieces as drawing and replenishing of recoil fluids, filing and removing of burrs, replacing of breech and firing mechanisms, replacing of wheel bearing and brakes, adjusting backlash in traversing and elevating gears, and removing, cleaning and replacing of equilibrator.
May make minor repairs and adjustments on small-arms weapons.
Uses such tools and equipment as light and heavy straight wrenches, screw drivers, socket wrenches , hammers, lifting jacks, center punches, and drills.
Must be thoroughly familiar with construction and operation of artillery pieces, including nomenclature and cataloging of replacement parts.