Antiaircraft Range Section NCO (527) Enlisted Personnel

Supervised range section personnel in operation and maintenance of fire control insturments and equipment used in automatic computation of data for completion of firing missions against enemy aircraft or ground targets.
Selects location of equipment, including height finder, power unit, radar, and director units, such as computer, tracker, and altitude converter. Supervises unloading of equipment and its emplacement and camouflage. Examines all equipment to make certain it is in working condition and that cables and connections are securely fastened. Supervises servicing and minor maintenance of all equipment. Synchronizes various units of range section with each other and with guns. Establishes flank spotters to relay information on approach of enemy aircraft and to adjust fire. Sets dials making ballistic corrections on director, including adjustments for muzzle velocity, fuze dead time, parallax, and wind direction. Receives meteorology message at periodic intervals and makes additional corrections based on data contained therein.

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