Radio Intelligence Control Chief (543) Enlisted Personnel

Supervises the installation and operation of a local radio intelligence system composed of direction finding, intercept, and auxiliary equipment employed for the purpose of locating and intercepting enemy transmissions.
Selects and tests location sites as to operational reliability in consideration of factors such as topography, soil conductivity, proximity of metallic conductors, and employment of artificial ground systems. Selects from available stock most appropriate equipment to be installed. Establishes control procedures including efficient operational lay-outs in nets using radio, telephone, or teletype. Advises and instructs personnel on general technical and operational phases of radio intelligence work.
Must be qualified Intercept Operator. Must be familiar with the principles of radio, propagation of radio waves, and functioning of antenna systems employed with direction finding and intercept equipment. Must be able to use ionospheric reports effectively in predicting communication frequencies, distances, and hours of reliability. Must be versed in map reading. Must be familiar with method of plotting and evaluating bearings.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Control Chief
  • Control Room Operator
  • Radio Intelligence Control Technician (AAF)