Control Tower Operator (552) Enlisted Personnel

Directs aircraft and vehicles operating on a landing area, and aircraft approaching or taking off at a landing area.
Issues such information and instructions to pilots of aircraft as may be necessary for the purpose of preventing collision between aircraft operating on the ground at the landing area, aircraft and vehicles operating on the landing area, aircraft landing and taking off at landing area, and aircraft operating under instrument flight rules at locations where approach control procedures are in effect. Issues such information and instructions as may be necessary to prevent unnecessary delays to aircraft using the landing area and which will permit the proper use of the landing area by aircraft. Notifies and directs crash tender and ambulance to the scene of crashes occurring in the landing area.
Must be able to transmit and receive by ear the letters and numerals of the International Morse Code at a rate of 10 five-letter random code groups per minute without error for a minimum period of 2 consecutive minutes out of 3. Must be familiar with combined radiotelephone procedure and authentification as well as the rules and regulations governing airport control tower operation.