Remote Control Turret Repairman (575) Enlisted Personnel

Performs third and fourth echelon maintenance of remote control turret equipment. Analyzes malfunctioning of remote control turret equipment (main assemblies). Isolates malfunction to the individual parts within assembly. Adjusts, repairs, or replaces faulty parts. Tests assembly in complete system. Uses analyzing tools, meters, instruments, gauges, etc., for location of fault.
Replaces or repairs damaged or worn parts in assembly. Reviews, reassembles with parts provided for third and fourth echelon maintenance. Rebuilds rotating machinery (amplidynes, motors, dynamotors); turrets (compressors, boosters, fire interupters, gear drive units, ammunition feed assemblies, contour follower mechanisms, dome locking devices, gun chargers); serve-amplifiers (tubes, transformers, resistors, capacitors); sighting stations (pedestal, ring, and periscopic sights, grips and gyro assemblies); computers (parallax units, ballistic units, range units, relay units, altitude and airspeed units, and handset voltage regulators). Cleans, oils, greases, adjusts, inspects, and tests for mechanical and electrical operation of assembly. Tests for operation of assembly in complete system.