Radio Repairman, Aircraft Equipment (647) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects, installs, tests, and makes major repairs on radio transmitting and receiving instruments and related equipment in connection with air-ground or interplane communication.
Tests equipment, using such instruments as voltmeter, ohmmeter, tube testers, and oscilloscope.
Isolates and corrects defects either by repairing units (including resistors, condensers, and wiring) or by replacing parts. Improvises or makes substitutions for defective parts when replacements are not available.
Uses small machine and hand tools including drill press, electric soldering iron, screw drivers, and special wrenches.
Must have general knowledge of the theory of operation of radio transmitter, receivers, and related equipment including antennas, control boxes, and power supply. Must be able to perform third and fourth echelon maintenance on aircraft radio equipment such as liaison sets, HF command sets, VHF command set, radio compass, interphones, and marker beacon.

Suitable Substitutions