Telephone Switchboard Operator (650) Enlisted Personnel

Installs, operates, and performs minor maintenance on portable magneto type switchboards and common battery switchboards.
Connects wires laid by linemen to switchboard. Operates switchboard, answering calls and making necessary connections to complete circuit. Follows prescribed procedure in answering and making calls. Keeps station log and reroutes traffic if normally used circuits fail. Performs minor maintenance on equipment, replacing worn out batteries, and repairing loose or disconnected wires and dirty connections.
May install short local lines, from switchboard to circuit. May climb poles, splice field wire, and make ties.
Uses simple hand tools such as insulated screw driver, pliers, and knife.
Must be able to maintain field wire lines and read traffic and circuit diagrams.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Switchboard Operator
  • Telephone Operator, Field

Suitable Substitutions